This is the best time for you to be an artist. With parents no longer grimacing when you tell them about your ‘art degree’. This is the time for the arts. Both creatively and financially. There used to be a time when you couldn’t be an artist especially a successful artist without the right contracts but with changing times you can network with a single tap using social media.  

Gone are the days when only your “big gallery breakthrough” could earn you money. The changing landscape online makes it a perfect time to test your artistic skills and earn a living. Medium and small businesses have been using online marketing tools for a long now and the art scene is catching up. So, if you are an artist looking to earn some money doing what you love, or are a seller of artwork, here are some social media sites that will get into the right networking circles.

Here is a guide to using the top 5 social media sites for artists looking to sell.

Why do artist use Pinterest ?

From simple crafts to fancy home decor, from digital designs to photography, Pinterest is the place for you. Pinterest not only allows artisans and art distributors to display their work in an appealing online format but it leads interested persons directly to the point of purchase on your website. The way you put up your art on your feed is how you create your brand so make sure that whatever you put up looks appealing. Directing traffic right to your page and works can help you use the e-commerce capabilities of this site to its fullest. Even if you don’t have your own domain for your art you pin images from whichever sales platform you are using to sell your art. The most important thing to remember is don’t showcase anything without giving your audience a chance to buy. So, always link!

Why do artist use Instagram ?

Instagram comes second because it does not have “buy” features on its platform for all its users yet.  It has still proven to be an extremely successful online tool for artisans from around the world who are looking to sell goods directly to their followers. For those paintings to shoot right off your shelves to the walls of your customers, the first step is the proper use of hashtags. Hashtags are a great way for people outside your circle to reach your work. This platform is especially useful for artists because of the visually-driven template. Users actively look for art and engage with artists from everywhere who create work suiting their interests. Currently, there are over 635 million posts with ‘#art’ and countless variations of the same. You can opt to use more niche hashtags like #artforsale to target interested buyers in the scene. You need to reach them and proper use of hashtags can help you get that audience you need.

Why do artist use Facebook ?

Facebook is almost like the grandfather of social networking sites. Though it is no longer considered a ‘hip’ networking site, statistics indicate that the marketplace on Facebook has immense potential. It is considered the most powerful social network because of the numerous tools it has for anyone looking to sell on the platform. It gives artists not only a platform but even tips to build a successful Facebook page. Managing a page as a gallery or artist is very easy. Users are very likely to support the art community, and finding these users is also pretty straightforward. First, you need to look for Facebook groups aligning to your product within your locale. Look for art lovers residing within your target market and join the groups so you can engage with the users. This way you can naturally lead them to your page and view your work. Even here you can link your products directly to a purchasing site. Within a year or so with growing presence you can apply Facebook’s new Buy Button to promoted posts and with proactive usage, this will be a gamechanger.

Why do artist use Tumblr ?

Tumblr is wonderland for you to showcase your visual delights. Tumblr users like to see niche art that applies to them hence it is key to use the perfect tags for your art.  This platform allows you to manually link within the image and within the caption accompanying it. This is a great way to take users directly to the purchase page. The trick is to employ perfect tags so your can meet your audience.

Why do artist use LinkedIn ?

A LinkedIn member in the US has an annual income of $83,000 which is almost twice the buying power of the average US consumer. A large number of users earn over $150,000 per year. It is jam-packed with professionals who are successful and distinguished individuals who have significant disposable income and a liking for finer things in life, fortunately for you, art is one of them. These users are your target audience yet this market is untapped. This will make you be at the start of the race. You should begin building your portfolio and increase your presence as a professional artist on LinkedIn. Share articles related to the arts and appeal to your current connections this will help get those ‘high-income supporters’ that you need to survive in the art scene. This is also especially useful when you have a showing and need buyers to come because you have all the right connections. 
Social media gives you a platform leading you directly to your collectors, purveyors, and supporters. With proper usage of the aforementioned platforms, you can create the market that you are waiting for. So take your fate into your own hands and build your portfolio today.

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