Mandar Lohar making dog sculpture

In our daily newspaper , you might have heard many times about extraordinary kids in study , sports , entertainment and etc. But today we have special kid of india who has developed his sculpture and paintings skills at such level where many gets failed. Mandar Lohar is following the legacy of art with is his father who is practising art in satara , small town of Maharashtra . Mandar is schooling in seventh standard at new English school , satara. Other than making sculpture & paintings , he use to spend his time in trekking.

Mandar with his father

When we talked with Mahesh lohar (his father) , they told us that since his childhood he is practising making sculpture and paintings. As we all know very well  that Working in three dimensions can be an interesting artistic challenge , and  Sculpting clay is a brilliant way to ignite your creativity , but while making any realistic sculpture you must be aware with the anatomy knowledge. There is no formula for making sculpture , you have to practice the clay sculpting again and again. We found many examples in Indian history & present too , that sculpture always has it own value which adds value in cultural life as well.

We wish to the inspiring young artist all the very best for his future life

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