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1) Why Painting Bazaar?
1) Registered and be a member only in Rs.500/- and do listings, upload your artwork and sale your art from Painting Bazaar.
2) Artist-oriented: We allow the artist to set the price of their artwork and they can manage their personal account in that they can upload, delete their art anytime from their account we provide full rights to account holder.
3) Focused buyer segment: We promote our buyers who are regular customers on our website.
4) Strong online promotion strategy:
We are having a digital marketing team who are continuously promoting our Painting bazaar online and offline through social media platform.

2) How do I register on Painting Bazaar?
To register on Painting Bazaar, kindly follow these simple steps:
1) Go to our website
2) Click on create an account.
3) You will have two options- customer/vendor. If you are an artist and want to sell your artwork, then choose vendor option. If you are a user/buyer/art collector, then choose customer option. Now fill the basic info which includes your first name, last name, email id, contact no and password. Click on the register.

3) What are the criteria for registration?
Any artist who loves the artwork and involved in art business or doing designs arts and all can join the team of Painting Bazaar to sell their artwork from their home.

4) Is Painting Bazaar open to an artist from various countries?
Yes! There are no barriers of country state or city any artist from any country state or city can join Painting Bazaar.

5) How many artworks can I upload?
After getting registered artist has to upload minimum 10 artworks to become a verified artist and then he/she can sale his/her artwork from Painting Bazaar.

6) What kind of artwork can be sold?
Paintings and drawings or any kind of artwork presented on canvas/paper can be sold.

7) What if I forgot my password?
On website home page, click on ‘Sign in’, you get the option of ‘Forget password’ just click on it & type your email id. You will then receive a link to your email to reset your password.


1) How should I upload the artwork?
Once you complete your registration process, click on the ‘Upload Product’ button in ‘My account’. Fill up your artwork details and upload a high-quality image so that any user who sees the image can get a better idea of the artwork.

2) Does Painting Bazaar promote our art?                                                           Yes, Painting Bazaar promotes artist’s work, it will be done by our digital marketing team and you can see your art by writing your artwork name on various search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. and also social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc.

3) In which format or size do I upload my artwork?
As an artist team we suggest take a good quality image with bright or contrast according to art it gives a good and different impact of your art and looks good on the website. The users who see the image should like photos clicked by you and keep on our website. It will help you to sale your artwork faster.
Kindly upload only original paintings that are exclusively yours. By accepting the terms & conditions while uploading the images, you are bound to maintain the originality of paintings to the buyer. Your certificate with painting is proof of the same.
Please do not upload copied/reproduced/similar paintings of known or unknown artists, as it’s a violation of the terms & conditions accepted by you on Painting Bazaar. Violation of the terms & conditions will lead to banning of your profile on Painting Bazaar. You will also be liable for legal action.

4) I have uploaded the image of my painting but it still is not showing on the website?
Once you upload the image of an artwork, it goes to the back end for moderation. Once it is approved by a moderator, the image will be activated on the website.


1) What percentage does Painting Bazaar charge from the artist on sales?
We charge 10 – 25% over & above the price of your quote, it covers commission,
promotions, shipping, handling etc.

2) Are there any other charges than Painting Bazaar’s commission?
Other than Painting Bazaar’s commission we charge Rs 500/- as annual registration fee.

3) How is my art priced?                                                                                     Artist will set price and we will include our commission and 12% GST in the bill. For example, Price set by an artist is 1000 we will charge 150 commission and 120 GST which means 1270 INR will be the bill.

4) When do I receive my payment?
The artist will receive payment once the buyer gets the artwork. Because sometimes, the artworks may be returned or cancelled during the order process, so only after the buyer receives the artwork, the artist will be then paid for the artwork sold.


1) Original and verified artworks
All the artworks on Painting Bazaar are original and handmade. The artist and their artworks are manually verified so are the documents and certificates. Painting Bazaar also has a panel of artists who verify the artwork before it is sold.
2) Art for All
We have a variety of artwork for each and every one. You name the artwork and we give you that on one click. Right from paintings to drawing, we have it all at everything in Painting Bazaar.
3) National and International artists.
We have an impressive list of acclaimed National and International artists who give our artwork a global feel.
4) Do I have to sign in to browse the site?
No, one can easily and freely browse through our range of artworks without the need of signing in.


1) What kind of art do we sell?
We sell original artworks (Paintings and drawings). All the artworks displayed on our site are original, manually verified by the Painting Bazaar team and verified by an expert artist.

2) How to buy an artwork?
You can purchase artwork in 3 simple steps
1) Click on Buy Now button
2) Proceed to checkout
3) Add shipping and billing details and proceed to payment page.

3) How to check order status?
To check your order status, simply log in to your account and click on the ‘Order Status’ under ‘My Order’ section.


1) How will I receive my artwork ordered?
All packages will be delivered through couriers. Artworks are carefully packed to prevent damage during transit post quality checking by artist panel.

2) What if my purchased artwork arrived in a damaged state?
If any artwork is found defective in the package, contact the customer support right away at ‘‘. Please click the picture of the defective artwork & mail it to us.
We will give you a call back within 24hrs & do necessary for the same, we ensure that it is exchanged and delivered to you in again in good condition or a full refund will be made as per terms and conditions. Please note: In the case of a defective artwork received at your end, you must have to notify within 24-48 hours else, it will not be changed.


• Is my personal information secure?
We never rent, trade or share your contact details with any other company for their marketing purposes without your consent. We use your personal information for internal purposes such as processing and keeping you informed of your order. You may, from time to time, receive information from us about new services and special offers. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy.


• How do we contact painting bazaar?
You can reach out to us by mailing on If you have any query regarding painting bazaar you are free to contact us through email; your query will be answered within 48 hours.