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Original paintings are so expensive, here is the answer why?

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Arts lovers never think of a price. So they pay paintings on the higher side. Here is the Answer why?

Why same art but different prices? Have you ever think about it? There are many factors which affect the price of paintings let’s see the main factors of price differences.

The Artist – First and most important thing for any art is an artist himself. Yes, who had made this painting then what is the vision behind the painting. The big artist never makes a painting without vision. there is always a message behind it and the deft touch of a senior artist in painting which makes that painting different from normal paintings. For example, if Picasso makes a painting its prices will be in billions because of his name and his touch to painting which you cannot find in other painting. you can make a copy of it but you cannot copy the name of that artist and its touch. If we take another example, there are only 30 paintings by Leonardo da Vinci remaining today. Now, who doesn’t want to own a Da Vinci painting! So definitely prices of such paintings will be high. Because every art lover wants his painting in his place. Therefore, when some paintings by world-famous artists turn up for auctions, attracts so many eyes. Then sometimes, the artist became famous after his death. Works of artists like Frida Kahlo, Amrita Shergil etc. are examples.

The Quality of Work— Quality of work that idea behind the paintings, different colours used. It’s like an art which looks like the real thing when we see it. This touch makes artist bigger in their field their love for art and dedication for a single painting, the time they give for every part of the painting to make it beautiful. So such artist paintings prices are always on high. Because it makes place lively and beautiful where ever you keep.

Materials Used and Time Period — The price of a painting also depend on the time during which period it was created. A painting made in the 16th century is likely to cost much more than art paintings of the modern day. In art paintings, even the materials used for the painting can affect the price.
The canvas used, paints and so forth can directly affect the price of a painting. They also note it that the thickness of paint can also affect prices. Some art paintings use the minimum amount of colours while others use a thick layer of paints. This could reflect directly on the amount displayed on the price tag.

Style of Art– Style of painting effect prices, especially in today’s art market. If you take the example of the Indian art market, you will see, the abstract paintings are expensive than any other style of art painting. Many paintings come in the Indian market for sale, but none of them is as expensive as abstract art paintings. However, it will not be the same forever taste of people changes time by time as we love to have a new thing, the art market may swing in favour of other paintings.
The fact is, today’s expensive paintings may not attract the same money tomorrow and vice versa. For someone interested in investing in art paintings, the artist needs luck in that case or need true art lovers to appreciate work.
As art lovers, if you find any good reason for the high price of paintings. We request you to share your idea here in comments.

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