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About Us

Art and craft are like music which goes through Generations to Generations.

Nature shows its beauty with its natural colours & human shows its beauty by creating beautiful art, sculptures and paintings for dead walls. our ancient palaces are the proof of it which were made so beautifully with amazing art and designs that anyone can imagine, India has always been an art-loving nation from the ancient time all king and queens love to make their place lively and beautiful by keeping paintings, different art on walls and pillars. actually, we can say India is most heritage place where you can see lots of beautiful art still alive in palaces even after so many years.

Painting bazaar team is keeping the light alive by producing similar work which India has produced from ancient times with some of the best artists throughout India in this digital era.

Why Painting Bazaar on the online platform ?

We believe India is lucky to have so many amazing artists who can create beautiful art and crafts. we are here to encourage them and create a platform where all the artists can come together and showcase their talent to the whole world and get appreciated for their work financially to boost their lost confidence.

Today in 21st century India needs artists where they can work according to the situation, they need to understand that time of king and queens are gone where they were encouraged for their work financially. Now time is change artists have to work for small homes, offices then villas, hotels and all.

We believe every change brings new things and a new way of working. Painting bazaar is focusing on today’s need and working accordingly and also bringing artist together help them guide them on how to adjust according to the situation and work together to bring our art and craft at new heights.

Painting Bazaar aim is to bring art lovers together on one platform where they can buy and sell their art online from Painting is an effort to make our community stronger and self-confidence that they can sell their art throughout the globe. we are trying to provide each and every tool which can help artist by raising funds for them.

Painting Bazaar is not about 5 to 10 people it is about bringing the whole community together, where we can showcase our talent together and lift our hereditary work again and produce beautiful art and craft, paintings, sculptures and all for small to big houses, villas, hotels and all.

What is in Painting Bazaar ?

Come and discover our art and craft like paintings, sculptures, digital prints, home decor, murals, fountains, idols, statues and many more so convert your house into a beautiful place with Painting Bazaar.